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23/05/2016 09:47 PM

Who kills our civil planes?
Who are murdering our Egyptian civil planes ?


The civil Egyptian planes are killed in the sky.

The European planes dance and are protected in

thearteries of the sky with me.

The civil and military Russian planes are burnt

Above the head of the sky.


The Turkish planes are given information and

weapons in the sky.

The Russian passengers meet their death near


The American passengers are fed joy and fun

above the south west of sky with a lot of money.


The Egyptian pilot loves life and life loves him.

The other pilots hate life and life hates them.

The websites of government of adultery in London

Declare that our lovely pilot committed suicide .


Were you with them ? sure no sign and please read

The ideas of my very clever mind .

The secret police of UK and USA don't know who

sleep with their their Queens , ministers or



Will they know what happened in the sky ?

Sure Nay.

David Cameron doesn't know who is his father.

Because millions men slept with his hot fat mother.

Will he know what happened to the passangers?


The family of Obama didn't know who is the father

of the child of his ugly daughter.

Will he know who killed our planes and our


The people of France don't know the father of their



Will they know who explode our planes?

From the garden of the world ,Egypt.

From the paradise of Egypt ,Dakhlya.

From the Oueen of paradise, my village Ghazala


I tell you who fight Egypt and Egyptian.

Who want to destroy the Armed Forces of the

Arabs and Egyptians.

They are capital of adultery and capital of money.


And government of terrorism and theft in the

Middle of Turkey.

They protect their leader Benjamin Netanyahu

They worship the government of TalAviv.
They want Egypt to be like Iraq and Syria.

But God met Mouse the prophet on this area.


God protect our land and my people.

We will wait till the success of our government.

Till we achieve victory with Cici our president.


I am the father of teaching and teacher.

I am the most successful and strongest

international poet.

I am the uncle of Shakespeare and Emily



The new war against Egyptian Army will be a kind


It teaches us how to end hunger, thirst as much as

we can.

The Egyptian cloudy days will be sunny.

And I am the only king of ages of poetry.

Without the owner of majesty.


Written by Abdellatif Ahmed Fouad.

May 23,2016

+3: 12:23 AM.

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